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Money Back Guarantee

Peace of mind with our No-Risk full refund policy

Here’s how the warranty works.

100 percent money backAfter you have been a client for 12 months, if you feel ambivalent about the success of our service you can request an evaluation of your account. If you decide to stop using our service you will be required to send us current credit reports, we cannot calculate a refund for you without updated reports. Also, In order to receive a refund you have been sending in your monthly updates.

Our service is backed by a warranty which entitles you to some or all of your money back if enough disputed items are not deleted. Put simply, we don’t believe you should have to pay for ineffective service. We will calculate the total value of all successfully deleted and/or improved items and compare that amount to the fees you have paid us. If what you have paid exceeds the value of deleted incorrect items we will reimburse you the difference.

To determine the total value of our service we count the number of items we successfully deleted from your credit report and multiply that by $100 per item. This does not mean that we will charge $100 in addition to our regular fees. Rather, we use the value of $100 per deleted item to determine if we created spectacular value for you (or not.)

We will refund you the difference of the amount paid for the services minus the number of disputed items deleted.





*The initial set-up/administrative fee is non refundable*